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Stand By Me - Sherlock fanvid

Title: Stand By Me
Vidder: Pic Akai
Song: Stand by Me - Ben E King
Spoilers: Episodes one to three of Sherlock (BBC) series one.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the visuals or audio in this video. This was created for entertainment purposes and no infringement is intended.
Notes: The quality is a bit rubbish because for some reason that's the only way Windows Movie Maker would process it, unless I wanted it compressed to be worse...apparently it thinks that is the best possible quality it can do for playback on my computer, despite that the original clips were way better than that. Relatively annoying, but not much I can do I don't think. Also, this one was a damn headache. Just not enough to choose from yet! But I refused to use half a song because I hate that, it never feels right on fanvids.


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Tags: fanvid, sherlock
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