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Pic Akai
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This is the (now very infrequently used) fandom journal of Pic Akai. I also have writing journals on DW and LJ, so if you're looking for my fanfics, you're probably in the wrong place. This is mostly used for general squee about fandom(s), both generic and specific.

On a general note, I would be grateful if you could avoid spoiling me. I generally tend to watch things no later than a couple days after they show in the US (despite being in the UK) but I rarely ever watch promos, 'next week' parts at the end of episodes or read interviews with writers/creators who discuss even very general plot points about later seasons/episodes. I like being surprised! Cheers.

If you want to friend me for some reason, please drop me a comment or a message, otherwise I'm not likely to notice and add you back. And if I say I don't want to add you back anyway (quite unlikely but I like to cover all bases), I'm not intending to offend you.

Pic Akai