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Sirens (and a little aside of Cabin Pressure and Four Lions)

So, Sirens. To clarify, Sirens the comedy drama on channel four which started airing this June.

I hadn't even heard of it until yesterday. Well, technically that's not true; several weeks ago I somehow found the blog which the book it's based on was based on (that is; the blog was written first, then the book was sort of compiled from the blog, I think, and then they made it into a programme). I knew the programme was out or going to be out and had a vague thought of, "Oh, that might be worth a look," but then knew nothing more. Yesterday, however, I was catching up with the Cabin Pressure meme and found a crossover with it. Decided to go see what it exactly was, and then found this cool little show. It's only six episodes long and I've no idea if they're going to make any more, but I hope they do because it's a nice little setup.

Having watched all of the episodes through yesterday and this morning, here are some vaguely formed thoughts:

- I have just about stopped expecting Rachid to say, "Rubber dinghy rapids, bro." It was waiting around the corner of every sentence when I started watching, right there but thankfully he's now become a proper character in my head so I can take him as he is instead of Waj, the massive arse man. (To clarify, all of that is a reference to the film Four Lions which blatantly I only saw because Benedict Cumberbatch is in it, for all of about five minutes (though I didn't know that till afterwards) and that film is...bizarre. Worth a watch if only for the headfuck, I think.)

- I like Ashley. Specifically, to half-quote the actor who plays him, I like the fact that you don't even find out he's gay until about halfway through the first episode. I really like that that isn't his character. Obviously there's a fair bit of ribbing in reference to it from the others, especially Rachid, but it's the same kind of ribbing they give Stuart about his dad - it's not really because of what it is, it's just one more way to take the piss out of him, like when Rachid's all, "Did that black copper just cruise you? He did didn't he? That's what it looks like!" Rachid, admittedly, does go a bit heavy at the beginning but he cools off a lot, and his explanation makes sense; he's trying to find out more about him so that he really knows him. And some bollocks about being the Alpha Male which is hilarious squashed.

- I almost wanted Ashley to step up about three quarters of the way through King of the Jungle and just go, "Screw you two; I'm the alpha male and I don't even have to try and posture about it," because their reactions would've been hilarious if he actually pushed it, but that would've been totally out of character because it's clear he doesn't care. Like when Stuart asks him and he's just like, "Yeah, all right."

- The psychiatrist, Kirsty, is hilarious. More specifically what is hilarious is Stuart's desperate attempt to prove he can beat everything she knows and the way she just goes, "Really? We'll just wait and see...oh look, yeah, there it is. Up, horny, down, or otherwise EXPLODE."

- That hanged guy was pretty fucking creepy, is all I'm saying.

- Stuart and Little Stuart was totally adorable. Slighty over the top with Little Stuart confidently giving his new adult big brother advice (most twelve year olds would either not think it at all their place, or wouldn't give a shit, and the vast majority wouldn't have a clue what to say) but I could just about buy it given their dad. He'd clearly had quite a big influence on the both of them.

- I had so much second-hand embarrassment from Maxine. At one point any time she came on the screen with Craig I had to hide. Craig is just, ew, so...that's the thing, he's not even really out there. He is just a very typical bloke, and sooo not my type. I don't understand how you can hear, "Lovely, beautiful, gorgeous," and so on all together right after one another and not think, "Ew. Line." A compliment here and there is fine, y'know, but all of that together just sounds so fucking insincere. Also his grin creeps me out a bit, sorry actor who plays him. Something about the shape of his mouth.

- The 'yielding' bit was horrific to watch, but that was both her and the bloke, who was just...oh, for christ's sake. Be specific - don't wait until something's totally over to give pointers, say it at the time, give someone a chance to change. He did that both with the sex and then with the dinner and it was just like, if you're not happy, speak up, you pathetic person! He did clearly need her to be dominant in that relationship though (even if not that dominant in bed). Watching her though go, essentially, "I can be whatever you want to be," was a facepalm moment because how is that ever going to work long term? I think, being generous though, that was more an act of in-the-moment desperation; she's convinced she's going to be alone forever if she can't get this right and she needs for that not to happen.

- But seriously, Craig? Oh, no. Just no.

- And that student girl! What was that all about? Also went from 'Stuart has intimacy issues and talks instead of kissing' to 'Let's have shitloads of sex' which was a bit random. Did he just get over those, then? What was she doing though, seriously? Did her boyfriend know? Or her fuckbuddy, or whatever he was? That is the sort of thing which is like, fine, if you tell someone you're going to sleep with other people at the start, then fine. Otherwise, in the UK there is no real thing as dating. Dating is the same as going out with someone, in a boyfriend/girlfriend sense (as I have been informed it is not, in the US) and therefore if you're going to be hooking up with anyone else in any sense, emotional or sexual, it's only polite to give the other person/people a heads up. And it clearly didn't just slip her mind; she made a concerted effort to hide the pants. So, not happy with her.

- Ashley and his 'big black dick' thing. Oh, dear. Oh no. And couple that with the 'you want to reduce me to a black stereotype' from the first episode (which you think might have made him learn his lesson given how it turned out!) and it does look sadly like he is in very much danger of being a racist, even if he doesn't think he is. Or...is it racism? Racism is generally negative stereotypes and he doesn't seem to view them as negative. Also with the first one, he asks the guy to wear the chain and hat but he doesn't seem to be surprised that he doesn't have them already, and then with Ryan as I say, he sees a big black dick as a positive thing. So I think maybe he has some definite stereotypes and prejudices there, but not actually racist/negative ones. Is that fair to say? I mean, it doesn't really make a difference because it's still problematic and he's still fetishizing people in a way which clearly makes them uncomfortable, so he needs to get that fucking sorted out, but anyway. Terminology. But yeah, if he has another episode of that sort of shit I will be very much unimpressed.

Yeah, I think I'm done for now. Would like to see more of this!


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